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Select a topic to get an overview of how Akula helps companies solve many of the challenges associated with enterprise mobility.

App Properties 

Developers know that once a piece of software is deployed, it can be challenging to send out updates. Learn how Akula's configurable App Properties can help.



When it comes to securing mobile apps, it's important to ensure each user's identity is properly validated. In this video, Verivo's own Kurt Monnier walks us through the process to tie an Akula app into authentication realms like Active Directory



Controlling authorization and role-based access are important steps to help secure your mobile apps. In this video, Verivo's Chaim Langermann shows us how Akula helps developers ensure that each mobile user sees only the right data.


Data Sync

The question of how to sync data from a back-end system and store it locally on a device in a secure and manageable way can be a big challenge for companies. In this video, Alex Golden walks us through the process to sync data using Akula's Client SDKs. 



In this video, Verivo's Marc Rosenbaum walks us through a simple app that demonstrates data encryption with Akula.


Connecting to Backend Data

Watch as Verivo's Jeff Yeakley walks us through the process to connect to back-end data sources using Akula's module APIs. In this video, Jeff queries a SQL Server database and also leverages a custom-built data module.


Mobilizing SAP with Akula

Watch as Verivo's Marc Rosenbaum demonstrates how Akula can be used to connect into SAP's BAPI layer using Akula's server SDK.


Security and Hardening

Watch as Marc Rosenbaum discusses some of the key areas of mobile security and how Akula helps keep your mobile apps safe and secure.