Android Client SDK
Package com.verivo.akula


package  action
package  callback
package  exceptions
package  http
package  listener
package  model
package  persistence


class  AK
 The AK class is a static class that you use to create a globally accessible Akula context. More...
interface  AKAppProperties
 The AKAppProperties class represents a set of app properties for the currently authenticated user. More...
interface  AKCredentialsManager
 The AKCredentialsManager class represents user credentials that the client requires to connect to a back end data source through a custom module. More...
class  AKDevice
 The AKDevice class is a static class that you use for initializing the device context. More...
interface  AKPermissions
 The AKPermissions class represents the set of permissions for an authentication user. More...
class  AKPush
 The AKPush class allows the device to register to receive push notifications from the Akula push system. More...
interface  AKSecondaryOAuthManager
class  AKSession
 The AKSession class represents an authenticated session. More...
interface  AKUser
 The AKUser class represents an authenticated user. More...